Recreating the ideal storage conditions of a natural cellar to protect your wines

Natural wine cellars protect the wine stored within by creating the perfect storage conditions – precise and constant temperature, controlled humidity, no vibrations, protection from UV light and purified air filtration. A wine cabinet should replicate the same conditions, within a practical yet elegant cabinet, so you have peace of mind that your fine wines are protected and given every opportunity to mature without risk of damage.

WineWalls have carefully selected the best wine cabinet range from Europe that offers a highly functional and reliable solution for wine sommeliers, private wine enthusiasts and hotel, restaurant and wine bar operators. With so many wine cabinets available in today’s market, WineWalls offer a selective wine cabinet range that focuses on the most important aspects of wine storage: creating the perfect environment for wine storage; keeping the wine perfectly still (no slide-out shelves); unique technology for low noise ideal for your home living areas; UV protection.

WineWalls are very pleased to be representing Chambrair Professional, Elegance and Prestige Wine Cabinets in the UK. Chambrair have been manufacturing specialist wine climatization cabinets for almost 40 years, ensuring optimal storage conditions and perfect cooling for your valuable wines. WineWalls can also can create bespoke wine cabinets in an extensive range of metal finishes with a wide range of bottle positions to perfectly fit your space.


WineWalls do not operate like other wine cabinet suppliers; we do not believe it is right for you to make an investment in a wine cabinet or wine cabinets at the ‘click’ of a button. We engage with you by listening to your requirements and what is key to you – is it capacity, is it temperature range, is it space available, is it the look of the wine cabinet, is it your budget?

Please message or call us with some basic information such as the bottle capacity you require, any limitations on the space available and whether you are looking for long-term storage or a wine cabinet to serve the wine from. We will respond quickly with our recommendations of the best wine cabinet to suit your needs, with our best pricing and full product information. We keep it simple and effective, with no obligation, and are happy to answer any questions you may have once you have received our proposal.