Wine dispense & preservation systems at the cutting edge of technology


WineWalls represent the UK exclusive distributor of WineEmotion, the global leaders of wine dispense & preservation technology. A wine dispense and preservation system can be used in the home, for the discerning wine enthusiast, to allow more than one bottle of wine from your cherished wine collection to be opened and preserved over several weeks. This offer you not only the flexibility of choice of your different wines, but also the reassurance that your fine wine is not being spoiled once opened. The convenience of automatic dispense also gives instant access to the wine whilst within the wine dispenser without any lengthy pouring process.

Within the hospitality world, WineEmotion UK has established itself as the leading operator of automatic wine dispense and wine preservation systems. We have installed our wine dispensers throughout the UK in wine bars, restaurants, hotels, wine shops, deli’s, department stores and offices. Our features allow operators to develop their wine by the glass programs and maximise sales and profits by:

  • reducing the risk of wine spoilage with our patented wine preservation;
  • reducing wine wastage due to auto-calibrated customer-determined measures;
  • offering their customers an exciting interactive wine tasting experience through our industry leading software and wine card technology;
  • optimising staff time with accurate measure control, minimum downtime on bottle changes and quick automated cleaning technology;
  • presenting the wines on offer in a beautiful refrigerated display;


WineWalls have had the pleasure of working with various clients, both commercial and private, who have required our WineEmotion systems – for various reasons and with various applications. We therefore have a wealth of experience to draw on when discussing with you the best configuration and use for your proposed wine dispense system, and enjoy bouncing ideas around with our customers at the pre-order stage.

We are happy to meet with you and talk through all the various options, an opportunity for us to really listen and engage with you in determining the key reasons for your investment in a WineEmotion system. In this way, we ensure your specification is correct for your operation right from the start. We then work with you throughout the whole process, liaising with your designers, service providers and contractors to ensure that our wine dispense system is installed and set up without any disruption – WineWalls take great pride in the level of detail and planning that we provide to all of our customers, at every stage.

More information on our wine dispense systems can be found at our dedicated website Alternatively send us a message below if you are interested and would like us to send through some of our brochures.