Wine Conditioning

Ensuring optimal storage conditions for your cherished wine collection

Having spent years, in some cases a lifetime, building your wine collection, it is imperative that you create a stable environment to ensure the wine is protected from seasonal temperature and humidity fluctuations. WineWalls have extensive experience in the field of wine tempering, providing professional advice on creating the ideal long-term storage and ageing conditions for your beloved wine collection. A wine conditioning system will give you the peace of mind that your wine is being cared for, removing the risk of harmful bacteria, preventing corks from drying out or labels from moulding.

Whether you wish to climate control an existing cellar, a bespoke wine wall or you have plans for a new wine room, there is always scope to enhance and stabilise the wine storage environment with the addition of a wine climatisation system. WineWalls represent the leading global equipment suppliers in the wine conditioning field, Wine Guardian and Chambrair; protecting your investment is our number one priority, and this can often be achieved at a fraction of the outlay you have made on your wine collection.

Key to your considerations may be keeping the system unobtrusive, with the visual impact and noise levels the most important factor - our equipment range covers all applications, from underground cellars to feature wine rooms. WineWalls will advise you on the best system from our range, which includes compact wine cellar systems, ducted air & ventilation systems and split refrigeration models.


Installing a wine conditioning system to either an existing space or into a new area requires a high level of technical expertise combined with a full understanding of wine tempering. Our experts will discuss with you all the considerations for ensuring optimal storage conditions – it is always best to start talking to WineWalls as early on in your process, as considerations for vapour seals, glazing, the routing of services and equipment location can all be planned from an early stage. However, we also pride ourselves in the many installations we have undertaken in old buildings, some hundreds of years old, with established wine cellars, that have benefitted from WineWalls technical solutions that utilise only the best equipment available.

We will provide you with a professional and dedicated service, from initial enquiry through planning and design meetings, site surveys and installation. Working with private individuals, architects, interior designers and consultants, WineWalls pride ourselves in finding temperature and humidity control solutions that work best for the client without compromising on our key objective of providing the best storage conditions for your wine collection.


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